Our Story

The Wheat Straws Company was born from two cocktail-loving, theatre-going pals, who were sick of being served drinks with plastic or paper straws! Roger, while travelling in Vietnam, was served a drink with a compostable grass straw. ‘Why didn’t people do this in the UK? Why don’t people know about this alternative?'.  


Once back in the UK, Roger was having drink with Ben in Soho discussing the holiday and mentioned his natural straw discovery. When the drinks arrived, (with a paper straw), both were advised to ‘drink quickly’. Enough was enough! The mission began: Find a natural-straw for the UK. 


Enter, stage right - The Wheat Straw: Ben and Roger now sell compostable, gluten-free drinking straws to anyone who wants them! Hotels, catering companies, restaurants, bars, children’s parties, bar mitzvah’s, indoor ski-slopes - ANYONE. 


Each day they become more passionate to reduce business waste and educate people on their plastic consumption. Our wheat straws are delivered in plastic free packaging, and we strive everyday to cut down on any waste in our business. 


It wasn’t long into our research that we made the - now obvious - realisation that straws are called ‘straws’, because they were once made from STRAW. 'What went wrong?', we thought. It’s time to bring back straws, made from straw.


This isn’t a new product, this is a revival.