Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

It is very simply the stem of a wheat plant. Harvested, washed and delivered directly to your door.


Can I eat it?

Unless you're a cow or a horse we wouldn't suggest it. 


Does the straw taste funny?

No funny business here - the straws are tasteless.


Is it gluten free?

Yes. Gluten is found in the grain not the stem of the wheat plant.


Where do we deliver to?

Currently we only deliver to the UK and Europe


Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes please get in contact with us via our contact page.  

What size are the straws?

The Long Straw is 19cm 

The Short Straw is 11cm


What do you charge for P&P?

Postage and packaging prices start at £2.99 for our box of 250. Wholesale deliveries will cost more.